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Windows PowerShell RC2 Now Available


Today Microsoft announced the availability of Windows PowerShell RC2. The command line shell and scripting language that helps IT Professionals achieve greater productivity and control of system administration. Using a new admin-focused scripting language and consistent syntax and utilities, Windows PowerShell accelerates automation.  Windows PowerShell is easy to adopt, learn, and use, because it works with existing IT infrastructure and scripting tools. This Release Candidate 2 of Windows PowerShell addresses numerous customer requests based on their evaluation of Beta3 and…

Script search engine


SAPIEN Technologies has lanuched, a search engine dedicated to find scripts on the Internet. It’s actually pretty cool, try doing a search for IIS and see all the scripting resources and examples for IIS. Quote from SAPIENs blog: We’ve been stealthily working on a new project, which is now online in beta form at It’s essentially a search engine focused entirely on scripting topics; right now, we’ve loaded it with hand-selected sites related to Windows administrative scripting. We’ve…

An Introduction to Microsoft PowerShell


Don Jones has published a free eBook about Microsoft PowerShell. So if you want to get started with MS PowerShell this might been a good book to start with. Forget batch files and set your VBScripts aside: There’s a new scripting and automation kid on the block and its name is Microsoft® PowerShell™. Designed from the ground up to be powerful, flexible, consistent, and complete, PowerShell™ promises easier and more efficient Windows and Windows Server System administration. In this short…

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