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PodCast: IIS 7.0 PowerShell Provider


Want to hear more about the new IIS 7.0 PowerShell Provider, a new PodCast has been released. The PodCast includes an interview with Thomas Deml a senior Program Manager in the IIS Team. Topics of the PodCast: Talk about the IIS7 management cmdlets Get/Set-WebConfiguration Start-WebItem Remove-WebConfigurationProperty Ability to use XPath filters Talk about the IIS7 PSprovider Provider timeline – 2nd beta in June, final in October Features ability to configure IIS and, sites, vdirs, apps, all that ability to…

IIS PowerShell Provider – step-by-step


Jeong Hwan from the IIS Team has posted a nice little article about the new PowerShell Provider for IIS 7.0. The article is for users who have never experienced Windows PowerShell and want to use the IIS PowerShell Provider and provides various examples. Read his article here: Learning IIS PowerShell Provider (Step by Step).

IIS 7.0 PowerShell Provider Released


Microsoft has released a Technical Preview 1 of the PowerShell Provider for IIS 7.0. The new provider is a snap-in that allows you to manage IIS 7.0 configuration. The IIS7 PowerShell Provider allows you to Create Web-Sites, Web Applications, Virtual Directories and Application Pools Change Simple Configuration Properties on Web-Sites, Application Pools, Web Applications and Virtual Directories Add and Change Complex Configuration Settings Query Run-time Data (Web-Site State, Application Pool State, Currently Executing Requests) Execute Advanced Configuration Tasks, Scripting, Integration…

Windows PowerShell Released


Windows PowerShell 1.0 has been released during Microsoft IT Forum in Barcelona. For those of you who doesn’t know PowerShell yet, it’s Microsofts next-generation commandline shell designed from the ground up to be flexible and powerful while still remaining easy to use. Windows PowerShell is supported on multiple platforms (x86, x64 & Itanium) and by multiple language technologies (English language, Localized and Multilingual User Interface). Download Windows PowerShell 1.0 Source: PowerShell Blog

No Touch Administration


The guys a MSCOM has posted a collection of nice scripts, which they use in their work on MSCOM. Remote Desktop has changed the way we interact with our servers. However if you have a farm of 50+ servers…heck even 10 servers, having to Remote into each server can not only be time consuming but cause your fingerprints to wear off. Utilizing tools such as WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation), For Loop and PSEXEC you can administer a large number of…

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