Recycling AppPools

The MSCOM Team did a great post on their blog a while back about recycling of IIS AppPools and how to verify and monitor the recycles. The post included some nice samples scripts for LogParser, to ease the monitoring. It’s great for availability and reliability but it can also be …

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ASP.NET & IIS 6.0: Application Pools

Chris Adams did a post about how application pools configuration ties into the ProcessModel section of the machine.config configuration file. His post also includes links to some good resources for further information about IIS 6 worker processes and application pools. Read his post at source: ChrisAd’s blog : ASP.NET & …

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Working With Application Pools in IIS

WindowsNetworking has posted an article about Working With Application Pools in Internet Information Server. “If your IIS Server hosts multiple Web sites, then buggy code within any one of those sites can bring down the other sites. Fortunately, there is something that you can do to prevent this from happening. …

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