MS Web Deployment Tool – Beta 2 Released


Microsoft has released the latest version of the new Microsoft Web Deployment Tool for Internet Information Services (IIS).

It the new wonder tool for migrating web servers and sites, in it’s current form it supports the following features:

  • Migrate entire servers or individual sites from one machine to another (IIS6 –> IIS7)
  • Sync Servers, Sites, and Applications (IIS6 –> IIS6, and IIS7 –> IIS7)
  • Create offline packages that can be used as backups, version control, and deployment units

The new release includes many new cool features, such as:

An all-new IIS Manager extension that enables you to create, and install packages from within IIS Manager.  Imagine being able to right click on your Web site, create an offline ‘package’ of the site and all of it’s configuration, dependencies, etc., and then roll it out over any number of servers, locally or remote.

Support for ‘delegated’ publishing, which enables Administrators to grant control to developers and Web site owners to do the packaging and publishing without being a machine administrator.

Support for SQL Server, enabling you to include SQL databases (Schema + Data) as part of your deployment, both live server <-> sync as well as offline packaging.

Integration with Visual Web Developer Express as part of the upcoming Visual Studio 10 release which will enable developers to create application packages at development/build time, which can then be deployed directly from within VS (one-click publishing to remote servers!) or offline as part of a staging process.

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