MS Web Deployment Tool – Beta 2 Released

Microsoft has released the latest version of the new Microsoft Web Deployment Tool for Internet Information Services (IIS). It the new wonder tool for migrating web servers and sites, in it’s current form it supports the following features: Migrate entire servers or individual sites from one machine to another (IIS6 –> IIS7) Sync Servers, Sites, … Read more

URLScan 3.0 Released

Microsoft has released the latest version of URLScan 3.0, it’s released to web (RTW) like a lot of the other IIS modules and tools on URLScan 3.0 can help block automated sql injection attacks at global or site level and it can be used with IIS 6 and IIS 7. Download links: UrlScan v3.0 … Read more

Tool Tip: mRemote

Found this cool tool, mRemote – it’s  a full featured, multi-tab remote connections manager. I’ve previously used Microsoft’s own Remote Desktops and Visionapp’s Remote Desktop, both can handle multiple RDP connections in one interface. mRemote does the same, it just has more feature and is open source. So if you need a good tool to … Read more