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How To Change The Language and TimeZone Settings on Mailboxes in Office 365


Recently I have had a few scenarios, where we had to change the Language and Time Zone of all or certain specific user Mailboxes in Office 365. So I thought, I might as well write up, this blog post, to collect all the information needed, to change setting on Language and Time Zone on Mailboxes. This would also work for Exchange (on-premise), it is the same cmdlets. If you need to do this, you need to connect to Exchange Online…

Calendar items not working properly on Nokia phones after Notes migration


I have seen this issue at several customers, when migrating from Notes (Domino) to Exchange 2010 using the Quest Notes Migrator for Exchange (Quest NME). The problem is ActiveSync not working correct on Nokia phones. Only new calendar items (after the migration) is synced to the Nokia phones. All older and therefore migrated calendar items are not synchronized to the Nokia phones. I have now come across a great script from Kent, which corrects the calendar items. Read his blog…

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