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Use PFDAVAdmin to recover deleted public folder or items


This might be old news to some 🙂 But PFDAVADmin is still a great utility and it works perfect for Exchange 2007 (from a client, see my last post). Besides using it to handle folder permissions, it can also recover public folders or public folder items, that have been accidentally deleted, as long as it’s within the retention time. This article describes how to recover deleted public folders or items that are deleted from public folders in Microsoft Exchange Server…

PFDAVAdmin, Exchange 2007 and .NET v.1.1 issue


PFDAVAadmin is still a great tool to manage public folders. It helps you do a lot of things "in bulk" that you would not easily be able to do otherwise (in a GUI). At least not as quickly and it works with Exchange 2000/2003/2007 even though it’s an old utility. However, on two different Exchange 2007 servers, I have received messages similar to this: ‘Could not expand https://localhost/exadmin/admin/ name cannot begin with the ‘0’ character, hexadecimal value 0x30. Line 1,…

PFDAVAdmin and Exchange 2007


If you have never used PFDAVAdmin (Public Folder DAV-based Administration Tool) to manage public folders and mailbox permissions, take a look at it, it’s a pretty nice utility. It’s not a new tool, but it can help you to do a lot of things “in bulk” that you might not have done as easily otherwise or at least certainly not as quickly. PFDAVAdmin works with Exchange 2000/2003/2007. When working with Public Folder permissions on Exchange 2007 the tool is a…

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